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8 fitness MYTHS


1.  Big muscles mean strong muscles

Certainly there is a relation between muscle mass and strength, but there is more to the story. Two reasons why muscle mass and strength may not be completely complement are:

  • Muscle fiber density
  • Muscle utilization
There's a difference between training to be big and training your muscles to be strong. For bodybuilders, size and shape—not strength—is the ultimate goal. For athletes or power-lifters, strength for maximum effort is most important.

It is also predisposed genetically but both (fiber density & utilization) could be trained by specific training sessions.

2. You can crunch your way to ABS

"OK, we're gonna finish off with 1000 crunches" says the old guy with rusty mustache to trainers at the end of the session. Non-sense, either for core strength or fat loss.

The thing is we all have those abdominal muscles, they are just hidden beneath the fat layer. But doing unlimited reps of isolated exercise won't help you get rid off it. 

There's only 3 actions you need to take.

  • 1. Watch your diet  -  utilizing the fat layer
  • 2. Complex exercise - multiple CORE strengthening
  • 3. Deep stabilization core exercises - strengthening inner muscles that support spine and stabilize posture

3. No Carbs in evening

The logic backing this myth up is simple - you lie down in a bed and don't really move, just sleep. Even if you are just sitting in couch resting, you have to burn more calories right? Also assuming those "unused" carbs consumed in evening must turn fat overnight.

Interestingly, it does not appear that the energy expenditure during sleep is any different than resting metabolic rate during the day apart from. 

Additionally, it appears that regular exercise increases sleeping metabolic rate significantly, leading to greater fat oxidation during sleep.

Another studies show that during the latter half of sleep energy expenditure increased due to REM sleep stages. So, there are rises and falls in sleeping metabolic rate, but not for everyone!

  • Obese individuals had sleeping metabolic rates lower than their resting metabolic rates
  • Lean individuals had sleeping metabolic rates significantly greater than their resting metabolic rate.
So unless you are obese, not only does your metabolism not slow down during sleep, it actually increases!

The transformation of carbs overnight is more about the type of carbohydrates and their actual portion. Obviously, if you fade away watching Netflix and craving on Pop-tarts and Coke you'll get no good. But having the right portion of complex carbohydrates shows several benefits:

4. You must have Cheat Day

The old famous cheat day...

I definitely support having the right balance of good/bad stuff (80-20) for multiple reasons. 

But eating completely clean and than just chunk all the junk into your system in 12 hours? Big NOCan you imagine what it does to your digestive system? Especially, after being adjusted throughout the week to be breaking down only the clean nutrients.

Don't feel guilty to reward yourself in sensible way, rather than getting totally wrecked on Sunday.

And if your argument is The Rock consuming 15 pancakes than I believe you're 260lbs supreme athlete, training hard 1-2x a day, doing your cardio 3am and enhancing your metabolic system with ultimate supplements ((juices)).

5. Creatine causes massive WATER loaded muscle

 Creatine is one of the most potent muscle building supplements in the supplement world, and has been around for quite a long time too! An amino acid, creatine is found normally in the body, with 95% of it found in the skeletal muscle tissue.

A recent placebo-controlled study found that, after three months of creatine use, test subjects showed no significant increase in body water. In fact, the creatine group showed greater gains in total body mass and fat-free mass

Now it is possible that some inferior-grade creatine may actually promote water gain that results in a soft, puffy look. However, this can be due to several reasons. One, it may not be due to the creatine, but excess sodium. When cheaply manufactured, excess sodium remains in the finished product.

FACT: Some athletes stand to benefit a great deal, others very little. Athletes who require sudden, high intensity bursts of power and strength are ideal candidates for creatine supplements. These athlete might include powerlifters, bodybuilders, sprinters, football, baseball, and basketball players, and the like. Endurance athletes or those who participate in sports which require steady aerobic output may not benefit from creatine use.

6. No bread means fat loss

Can you not imagine a day without bread? Have you downloaded one of those yoga-bun nutrition plans and it says no flour/dough at all?!

The truth is that the flour itself is not responsible for your fat storage, it is the excessive calories intake

Yes, bread has high glycemic index. It contains gluten(which you don't need to avoid unless intolerant). Nevertheless, rather than completely dismissing it simply go for healthier alternative - Rye, Barley, Wholegrain

Secondary, as with all other products - sensible consumption is the key!

7. You shouldn't work out on empty stomach

Have you ever felt that light hunger before hitting the gym and so you chunked in banana & "fitness bar" to get that energy? :D

You did yourself no good!

  • 1) Don't consume any high sugar food at least 1 hour prior to training (talking gym not high intensity sport). When you're working out strength, aim is to use energy from fat stores!
  • 2) When digesting, blood flows into stomach and your body is focusing on different process than supporting muscles and brain (that's why you want to take nap after heavy meal)
  • 3) Your body burns more fat when you hit the gym on empty stomach (especially before breakfast). That's because of the stage your body is after sleep. Psychologically, it makes you don't want to eat sweet & junk food afterwards. If to consume anything, I would suggest to get BCAA's with handful of nuts.

8.Lifting heavy weights bulks up

This one is probably the best known broscience ever. Unfortunately, for wide array of exercising individuals missing out on benefits of lifting heavy weight.

If you're scared of getting "too big" than that's more about anabolic steroids use, testosterone, and other ergogenic aids.

Also, Hypertrophy (increase in muscle size) is achieved with no less than 8-12 reps. 

Benefits of lifting heavy weights. (assuming 4-6/6-8 reps)

  •  Enhance your bone density
  •  Increase overall strength, core strength & physique 
  • Burn more calories & body fat
  • Improves other systems: Brain, Heart, Hormones & Metabolism
  • Increase your confidence

Bone density

Taking calcium supplements is still good, but nothing makes bones stronger like lifting weights. In fact, there is a specific biological process that makes your body lay down more bone material in response to the kind of stress that we only get from heavy resistance training.


the unpraised hero

Often being mistaken for simple carbohydrates which leads to overlook its real benefits & function. Yes, it is a carbohydrate but indigestible! - What does it mean?

That means it doesn't affect our body like other types of carbs. It helps us to enhance fat loss due to its ability to slow down digestion, it feeds beneficial bacteria and works as "brush" in our guts. It is being divided into two major types 1)Soluble - dissolved in water, slows down nutrients entering our blood 2)Insoluble - promotes stool bulking & regularity.

Main Benefits

Fat loss - a high-fiber meal slows the entry of nutrients, such as glucose, into the blood which allows insulin to distribute it effectively. What's more, the pancreas doesn't need to secrete as much insulin

Overeating prevention - fibre is exceptionally dense in calories which means that small portion of fibre (vegetables serving) makes us feel really full and prevent us from overeating.

In some studies participants with low calories but high-fibre intake ended consuming up to 50% less food. Which led to 30% fat loss!

Life ExpectancyNIH-AARP diet and health study assessed information from over 500.000 Europeans.  Dietary fiber intake lowered the risk of death from cardiovascular, infectious, and respiratory diseases by 24%-56% in men and by 34%-59% in women. Dietary fiber from grains, but not from other sources, was significantly inversely related to total and cause-specific death in both men and women.

Brush effect - as mentiond, fibre fulfill a function of brush when going through our guts and digestive system. It speeds up transit though the intestines to remove waste and toxins from our body & regulates bowel action, hence reduces cancer risks.

Before you rush to Sainsbury's, remember to add more fibre into your diet gradually, because a sudden immense addition of fibre can cause stomach cramps and excessive, often painful, wind. Your intestine will adapt with time.

Also make sure that you keep yourself well hydrated in relation to your fibre consumption, because fibre can dehydrate you a little and become sluggish in your system.


  • oats                  
  • nuts & seeds
  • beans & legumes,
  • whole-grains (wheat and popcorn)
  • whole fruits and vegetables (NO juices)
  • Supplements

Article III: Cold, fatigue & Winter depression

You wake up: it's dark.. 

you finish your daily routine: it's dark..

you go home: you're cold, sick & moody, and all you want to do is to tuck under 3 covers, sleep and hope it'll be better in the morning... well it's bit too late by than. 

Eventually, some of us might be battling periodic illness that cause depression, apathy, tendency to be oversleeping & overeating, endless fatigue, etc. - it's called : "Seasonal Affective Disorder"

But how do we prepare and get our system ready for the annual fight with viruses and seasonal change?...  

It all starts sooner than you think and prevention is the key in this case! Let's summarize the best tips either from ancient ages or modern medicine. 

  • Vitamin D

Naturally occurring in our bodies during those sunny days as it being absorbed from the sunlight. That's why we significantly lacking it during winter. Vitamin D is responsible not only for healthy bones but it's a vital part of our immune system and protects us from respiratory infections and flu. 

sources: tuna, salmon, sardines, eggs & mushrooms
You might consider supplementation in this case too!

  • Herbs, roots & teas

We can find them in any local shop, pharmacy, drug store or coffee shop. They are loaded with antioxidants, great for our overall physical & mental health and they are delicious. There is really no excuse not to drink them!

Useful benefits towards winter:

  • Comforting effect, as well as helping to reduce stress, they can also act as natural antidepressants.
  • Detoxifying effect on the body, and hence, can help to effectively flush the kidneys. This removes toxins and improves kidney functioning.
  • Herbal teas are great for treating a cold. The elder tree herb is one of the most effective, as it possesses decongestant properties. This helps clear nasal passages, reduce a heavy cough, and may even reduce asthma symptoms.
Recommend: Green Tea, Ginger & Lemon (+Manuka honey), Chamomile, Elderflower 
  • Quality Sleep

Winter nights are really short so don't cut them anymore! In this period, it is crucial for you to set yourself a sleeping routine that you'll stick to. It is the quality sleep that is irreplaceable component of healthy brain function, emotional well-being & physical health.

  • Regular Exercise

It might become a really annoying task during the cold & dark days. Rather than focusing on just getting it done, try to find some activity, that you'll enjoy and that still make you move & sweat. No one is forcing you to lift heavy 24/7 so give a try to different sports, dancing or indoor activity. 
Again, it is a vital part of your overall health being and it definitely strengthen your immune system

Article II:   Food Sourcing

Organic, Bio, Fairtrade, skinny, low-fat, no fat, everything's about profit.....anyway..

How & what should we actually choose to make our food from? - Question so simple and yet so misleading. I'm not going to argue about morals, beliefs or ethics that anyone chose to follow but simply about the food sourcing itself. 

Simple rule to follow (an not go crazy from constant decision making between all the market labeling) is to choose raw, unprocessed and natural product.

So skeptical we get when we picking the ingredients while still going to Starbucks to get large latte made of white colored water and fruit cake that looks like something rolled over by truck and picked up from highway. I am not saying to completely abandon process details or what ground has it grew from. However, if we were so concerned about the details than the only realistic way of getting really organic food is to drive hours to remote countryside and obtain it from a farm itself. None of us want to see animals suffer or being kept in horrific conditions, drink or consume anything that was modified and chemically spoiled or is nutritionally hollow.

So when food shopping, the goal is to get the least branded & processed product on shelf. Definitely don't go for anything labeled as "fitness" "healthy lifestyle" or "skinny" because that only means it's been disposed of the actual beneficial nutrients, such as healthy fats and pumped up with chemical crap.

If you are buying:

  • meat and poultry - products than it's worth to look for grass-fed, organic & free-range products. 
  • dairy products - go for organic, non-modified or sweetened products
  • nuts - natural version with no roasting, salting or any flavor addition
  • oils - aim for extra virgin and cold pressed versions
  • beverage - still or sparkling water - again - no flavors, skittles colors or sweeters
  • veggies & fruits - natural, full pieces of fruit - none of that packed, diced & sprayed nonsense  

*If you can't stand the natural sour flavor of dairy products than buy the flavoring yourself in natural form (raw honey, natural jam, maple syrup, brown rice syrup, fruit, ...)

If you are so concerned about buying the fair trade - bio version from specific brand (because they claim to grow the only real vegetable) than I suggest you to check how does the real food look like  HERE

Learn More

Article I:  Pre-Workouts

We have all seen it. A beast sitting quietly in the corner of changing rooms, chucking Hulk color looking-like powder into its water bottle, grinding teeth while mumbling some spell and desperately looking at the mixture as if it was elixir of immortality. Well... that is the pre-workout formula, and YES, it will make you feel pretty immortal but as with all other supplements - there are the good and bad ones. 

Good pre-workout will not only stimulate your body and increase energy. It will increase your endurance, support muscle growth & strength, enhance blood circulation and speed up recovery. There are even special mixtures which intensify fat burning or hypertrophy.

Vast majority of pre-workouts consist of similar ingredients. Most of them will be based on the stimulants (Caffeine, Taurine or Tyrosine), muscle growth & strength supporters (Creatine) and Nitric Oxide booster to pump your blood and nourishment around body faster. Fine pre-workouts will also consist of specific amino-acids with certain purpouse.

There is obviously nothing easier than just scoop the magic powder into your drink and get hyped for the workout within minutes. It really does alter your state of mind instantly. I would not recommend it however to any beginner because your body and mind can develop addiction or pattern that will lead you to not being able get in the right mood for any activity without its consumption in the future.

If you choose wrong product or immense dosage you will be left with nothing but dizziness, dehydration & nausea. Also try to avoid pre-workouts in the evening hours as the impact of caffeine may last 6-8 hours and affect your sleep pattern.

As with marketing there are 1000s of products but what exactly are you looking for not to fall into advertising trap of cheap dusted coffee formula giving you not much more than burnout effect.

Building Pillars of pre-workout


Optimal dosage: 150-200mg

World's number one stimulant. Improves concentration and gives energy boost you need for the workout.


Important ingredient responsible for strength increase and muscle growth.

Creatine also helps to regenerate a molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), your body's main source of energy. When creatine stores in your muscles are depleted, the production of ATP comes to a screeching halt and your energy is dramatically decreased


optimal dosage: 3500-5000mg

This funny substance is responsible for side effect of itchy feeling but that is just harmless natural reaction. For its benefits:

  • protects your body from damage (to carnosine) caused by lactic acid during workout
  • regulate enzymes and eliminate free radicals
  • protects carnosine = greater endurance
  • studies show it decrease ageing


optimal dosage: 6000-8000mg (anything bellow 5000 is ineffective)

Responsible for increase of Nitric Oxide = faster blood circulation = better performance & recovery. Also increases energy from malic acid in your body. That is part of very complex cycle between Citrulline, Arginine and its transformation into Nitric Oxide and Citrulline which leads in greater endurance and nutrients delivry to your muscle fibers..

*Don't forget that all pre-workouts are still only supplements and stimulants! As obvious as it is, the best workout and gains will not be achieved without efficient:

Sleep, Nutrition, Hydration, Preparation (warm-up, injury prevention) & Motivation 

Primal Performance



January 15, 2017

So what exactly does it stands for?

In many blocks it might seems familiar to newly popular "Paleo diet", however that is truly only first impression as I wouldn't recommend any low macronutrient intake, complete disregard of supplements or any other artificially developed substances) but I definitely support most of the natural, pure and real sources, methods and movements.

Man will always seek after that special ingredient, that unique formula and method which brings an instant success with minimal effort or in different case we just want to be so original that we follow something that is in its dawn and have no documentation of failure... yet. The more we face controversy against our conviction the more we get radicalized with the philosophy that we completely stop registering common facts and proven foundations. It is utterly in our nature - urge to know something that others don't (it's like flat earth believers or moon existence deniers do)

Unfortunately, none of it really works unless you decide to undergo a hardcore anabolic cycle (which will make drastic change and pump you up like Bibendum.... but the benefit will last for approximately same time as your iPhone battery does). Everything comes with balance, dedication, hard-work and belief despite the fact of how corny it sounds. Take one of those things away and it folds like Jose Aldo under pressure...

Experienced on myself and other athletes, aiming for 80% of good stuff and 20% of processed, sweet, fatty and modified evilness + effortless effort not to stress is the golden path. So work hard but don't forget to live your life!

There will most probably be few articles and points of view that contradicts each other but that is, I believe, the only way to not to become orthodox and close-minded. It is also the cause of us being individual and experiencing different effects to same impulse.

After all, as Neil D. Tyson said:" In Universe, there are the laws of physics and everything else is just an opinion"... :)

- Patrik Ruzicka, 4/9/2017